Sunday, July 10, 2011

Never Argue with a Fool ...

It is best not to argue,
But if you do at all,
Never do so with a fool.
A fool can defeat all.

She does not care for the facts.
She does not know debate.
She’s a stranger to reason.
Logic she can negate.

In the end the fool will win,
Her logic is so strong!
Decides what she does not like
And then it must be wrong!

It’s better to keep quiet
When challenged by a fool.
Else, to prove her own wisdom,
She will make you a tool.

It is hence my policy
To not respond to those
Who ask questions not to learn
But to be bellicose.

~ Extracted from a poem by Dr M C Gupta


  1. Exactly true..the best is to be silent rather than arguing with a fool. Same is my policy too.

  2. yes, better save it for someone who is worth it :)