Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fake Friend ...

You begged me to help
I became your aganion
taking all drama you played
with patience....
You start backstabbing me, 
and going against your word thinking
"ohh she ll never find out" 
guess what.... 
I heard..

Bring it on, bring it all...
try me and see if I get hurt
those who have inflicted harm
will pay their price
taking their own sweet time...
in the fullness of time
I will prevail
because, all I have done is
doing only good to you...

Just keep in mind that, 
I ve got nothing to lose
because you don't lose
when you lose fake friends
But you ma'am...
you lost it all...


  1. So true true! This happens to kind people People taking us for granted. Letting go fake and untrue friend is a rely to your mind! I love this poem so much!

  2. Thank you for the comments WtB and WR/SD, yes, there should always be a lesson given to so-called friends to bring them back to reality. My personal fav too